Self Destruct Lyrics


Self Destruct


Written by Gabrielle Gardiner 


Chorus (X2)


I hit self destruct and I’m done start again tomorrow 

I hit self destruct and I’m drunk drowning out my sorrows

Time is running up, so I give up

No point in trying, crying just to stop the silence 

Had enough, I give up, Self destruct


I hit self destruct 


Verse 1


Chasing the sirens inside my head trying to silence them 

But sometimes the quiet is so loud that it’s deafening, I’m deaf again 

Numb to the frequency I’m letting in can you repeat again I wasn’t listening 

Well I was but I just couldn’t take it in so I’ll take another drink 

cheers here we go again 

There goes another day, another grin, another chain 




It’s hard to realise from under your disguise 

Everyone has hard times

Just keep your head up you know what you’re made of 

sometimes when I’ve had enough 




Verse 2


Things are good for a minute ‘til I’m suffocating in it

So I act tough when I get triggered I pull the trigger but you call my bluff 

Russian rouletting with a plastic gun I’ve had enough 

Everywhere I turn I’m getting stuck

Feels like I’m drowning things are building up 

So I fill another cup cheers to another one 

There goes another day, another grin, another chain 






I hit self destruct 

I hit self destruct 

Time is running up 

Time is running up 

I hit self destruct