"Listening to your voice, listening to the lyrics, it was like kind of when Lily Allen first broke, it's the same kind of feeling I had"  Amanda Holden

Lyrically, Gabz gets inspiration for a lot of her songs from films, books and by listening to music. At her young age Gabz hasn't experienced all the things she has written about and that's what makes her song writing all the more remarkable. As Gabz gets older her songs are starting to reflect more of her own character, what she believes in, her own experiences and aspirations.

Gabz writes as and when the mood takes her, she could be at home, school or out and suddenly she will get an idea for a melody or some lyrics for a song. Gabz doesn't have a set pattern, the melody or the lyrics could come first and she never 'plans' to sit down to write a song - "it just happens when it happens and can be distracting when it's in the middle of a maths lesson!"

"How come you can write songs that within 10 seconds we love them?"  Simon Cowell
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"Your melodies are really cool, I like that you were rapping at the piano, I thought that was cool and different"   Alesha Dixon